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The Barbarian Mailer

Get 100% privacy in your gmail account.
No one anywhere will be able to read your emails.
Your attachments are also protected. Both their contents and name.

It uses a powerful encryption algorithm with variants of algorithms most efficient known
(no one will know how to decipher your post).

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Download Here. Version 1.1:

Barbarian Mailer

  ( Downloaded: 435 times )

Last version available (V1.1 March 2014)

Improvements in Version 1.1:
- Option to download all emails (also non-encrypted).
- Visualization of emails in HTML format.
This version is not compatible with V1.0.

Download Here. Version 1.1 Beta:

Barbarian Mailer

  ( Downloaded: 253 times )

Important!: To run the program you will need Java JRE 7 or above.
Link to download JRE: Java SE Runtime Environment 7 (JRE Download)
For example, for Windows 32 bits, you'll need: jre-7u51-windows-i586.exe file.


Working mode
- Two or more people agree to use a 32-character key and
a file that is also employed as a key. Of course, should not be
this information by email ( if by internet means not having any relationship ).
In the configuration menu, a dialog appears in purple with the title
"Same your Partner" where both are specified.

Once configured , the data, you can send / receive mail with the button
"Write" in the main window .

- When writing a new email message appears a window with two text boxes :
"Plain text"
Here we write a text that we do not care to read any (any
bullshit that serves to confuse the curious ) .
"Encrypted text"
In this picture we write the text you really want to communicate.

You can send attachments, which also are sent encrypted.
Both the encrypted text, as added files appear as files
attachments "att0x.dat"..
Someone to open the message on the web will not be able to view the content nor know their names.

To open a received message you have to double click on the row message
in the table (new messages are in bold).
With the right mouse button you can keep messages to the folder auxiliary "Kept",
as well as delete them.
Attachments can also be saved to any disk folder with the right mouse button.

The program can be configured to download all emails, or only that have been sent with the same application.

The Barbarian Shell

Two panels Explorer facilitates any operation Files and Folders.

Are you tired of the Windows explorer hiding your files?
Are you tired of the Windows explorer hiding options ?
Are you tired of being a copy of files stops when one fails?
Are you tired of the Windows explorer making you more and more difficult to find a file?
Are you tired of the Windows explorer increasingly difficulting search for text in files?
Are you tired of the Windows explorer making more and more difficult to find a folder?
Are you sick of your files are not supposed to be your property?

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- Drag & Drop.
- International Support (Unicode).
- You can choose which program will always execute each file type.
- Custom icons. ( Mario Bros!! )
- Make Copies / Deletions / File Mass movements without stopping.
- Unlimited text search of files in folders, drives, selected elements, panels and
removable drives.

With this program you will see the files with their REAL name. You can Find / Copy / Cut-Paste
both files and folders with ease and no fluff, no "dogs" and no stupid animations
or hidden options.

Download Here:

The Barbarian Shell

  ( Downloaded: 278 times )

If you like the program and want it to be maintained and improved, consider
make any donation in BitCoins (BTC):

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